How to Play

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Get a Group

Axe Play offers reservations of lanes for groups of 4-12 throwers. If you have more than 12 throwers, just reserve more than one lane and we’ll put your groups next to each other.

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Trust the Process

Axe Play “Axe-perts” (axe throwing coaches) will teach you the proper throwing technique (if new) or help you become a better thrower if you’re returning. Each lane will have a dedicated “Axe-pert” to answer any questions/guide you through the process. Be sure to show up with your group before your reservation so we can go through rules without having to take too much of your throwing time.

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Finally it’s game time. Groups will be split up into two teams. Players from both teams will be matched up and will take turns throwing axes at the targets. When the group feels ready we'‘ll provide a variety of throwing games for you to “hatch” it out.

*If you’re not able to throw your axe safely, the Axe-perts reserve the right to sit your axe down*

What NOT to do


  1. Do not wear sound isolating devices during axe throwing. Don’t worry, we’ll be playing music in the building for you.

  2. Do not show up in “flippy floppies”. You must wear closed toed shoes!

  3. Do not disobey your Axe-pert (axe throwing coach). This will get you taken off the floor.

  4. Do not throw angry. Come with a happy, fun attitude. Everybody love everybody.